Breathtaking Soccer Tours.

Whether you are a fan or a player, you deserve to be on our soccer tours!

Imagine you and your friends are planning the next summer trip. On the one hand, soccer is what you love the most and on the other, you want to travel. Wouldn’t it be great to combine both? Our soccer tours are the answer!

Whether you are looking for serious competition or just spend quality time with your friends, we can design a tour that will match all your expectations.

Leisure Tours

In these soccer tours we will make a plan to let you enjoy the pleasures of Portugal or any other European country while you take some time to play soccer with your friends or with your team.

We can organize tours to iconic monuments, soccer stadiums and academies, gastronomic experiences, beaches and national parks, as well as many other attractions that will fit your needs.

In addition to that, we will organize a few friendly matches or soccer performance sessions where you will be able to measure your skills and get a detailed report on your shooting, speed, stamina, and much more…

If you and your team need a custom coaching session, you can also count on it!

Soccer Tours

On this level of tour, soccer will be the main goal. We will arrange for your team everything they need to develop their game – custom coaching sessions, soccer performance training, matches, tournaments, and anything else you need.

Besides this, we can place you in a top facility with nearby soccer fields and natural attractions like beaches, forests or even mountains. Whatever you need, you will get.

Pro Tours

If you represent a club or a federation and you need to organize a tour for the whole squad, regardless of the age, just let us know.

We have direct connections with soccer training centers where you will be able to completely focus on soccer and get your level through the roof.

Moreover, we can organize friendly matches or tournaments with very competitive clubs in most of the divisions.

Finally, you can count with the Portuguese or European touch in the entire experience. Great weather, great food, great soccer teams and staff and above all, a huge passion for this sport!

Grab the chance

On our blog and our social media, we tell you about the most adventurous groups that came to Europe in one of our soccer tours as well as other information and stories about our business.

Above all remember one thing: don’t postpone your success. If you want to take your game to the next level and at the same time enjoy the Portuguese or European scene, don’t waste time.

Tell us your budget and the goals of your soccer tour and we will devote our time to designing the ideal plan for you!