Are you ready to do whatever it takes to become a pro? Try our soccer PROSERIES events!

SunVoyage Sports’ PROSERIES events are one of the best opportunities out there to be seen by professional soccer scouts and have a shot at a professional soccer career.

It is a series of events all over the world that are organized by our company and aim at giving real opportunities to soccer players in pursuing their dream of becoming professionals.

Fundamentally, this is the new brand of our Scouting Events, that you are already familiar with.

We have decided to brand our events in order to make them more recognizable all over the world and make sure that the prestige of participating in one of them is carried over your career.

Frequently Asked Questions

As we know you might have some doubts about our soccer PROSERIES events, we will have on this page a summary of the questions our followers ask us the most and the respective clarifications.

What are exactly the PROSERIES?

The soccer PROSERIES events are all the soccer scouting events done by SunVoyage Sports in any part of the globe.

These events have a duration of 2 or 3 days in which soccer players, organized in teams, will train and play against each other while being closely watched by 2 or 3 scouts from professional or semi-professional soccer clubs.

At the end of the event, the guest scouts can invite the players that appealed the most to them to have a tryout in their club, hence giving them the opportunity to sign a professional or semi-professional contract.

What happens in a soccer PROSERIES event?

The events are normally split between training and playing time.

The first day you will train in order to become familiar with your teammates and show to the scouts what are you made of when it comes to commitment outside the match.

Then, in the last day or two, you will be playing matches against the other groups of players that also registered for the event. This is where you have to definitely give all of yourself. Our guest scouts will be paying the maximum attention to your performance to assess if you have what it takes to get to the top!

Will I be playing in my favourite position?

Upon registration, you will be asked to fill in a primary and secondary position that you are comfortable playing in and you agree to play in both.

This means that you will not always be able to play in the primary position for the whole duration of the event.

Be advised that our system will give priority to those players that register earlier (first-come-first-serve basis) so it is fundamental that you register as soon as a soccer PROSERIES event is announced in your area.

Either way, you will be given a minimum of minutes of play in your preferred position, as well as a minimum number of minutes throughout the event that will be common to all players.

What clubs are normally present in the events?

We work with professional and semi-professional teams from many European championships.

We always make sure to have a First Division or Second Division scout present in the event, but also one from lower divisions to make sure that your chances of being selected are the biggest!

How can I register?

Registrations for our soccer PROSERIES events will be available on our website every time a new event is announced.

You will simply have to fill in your data, certify that you are in a good physical condition, and make the registration payment! After this, we will send you a confirmation and you are good to go!

As simple as this!

Where and when is the next soccer PROSERIES event?

We are constantly working with our partners to bring our events to you! So make sure you follow our Instagram page and keep an eye on our blog! We will announce everything on these platforms.

Will you have an event in my city?

If we did not announce an event in your city but you and your friends want it to happen, just let us know! If there is potential we will definitely organize one PROSERIES event in your city!

Contact us through our social media pages or leaves us a message now.