Football Talents Tube

It is with great excitement that we announce a new partnership, this time in Poland. Football Talents Tube is an online platform that joins players with coaches, agents, and directors in order to find new career opportunities.

After a prolific meeting, back in February, in Krakow, Poland, it was clear that our missions are aligned. The focus on the players’ well-being and career promotion was the most solid common ground found between both parties.

Our partnership with Football Talents Tube will be mainly in two areas: football trials and scouting events.

Football trials

As you might know by now, our company specializes in welcoming players from all around the world to tryout in Portuguese clubs, for a predetermined period of time.

Well, with this new partnership we open doors to polish athletes or any athlete playing in Poland, to come and show their skills in one of our partner clubs, from Liga Pro (2nd Division) to the Regional Championships (5th Division).

Then, we are proud to announce that all players coming from the Football Talents Tube platform will have a special price on our trial packages.

Scouting events

Regarding the scouting events, we are studying the possibility of organizing an event in Poland, hopefully still in 2020, where professional Scouts from some of the best European clubs will be present and will evaluate the players that register for the event.

Right now, this possibly is being analyzed and our new partner is gathering all the information we need to proceed for the next stages of the organization.


To conclude, we would like to give a word of appreciation to the entire Football Talents Tube team that has been dedicated to the partnership since day one.

Check out their platform and keep checking our social media for news about this exciting partnership.