Exclusive Business Areas.

We work with athletes, clubs, federations and sports companies…

Our core business is giving opportunities to players from all around the world to come to the “Old Continent” and try out for some of the best clubs in the world. However, our daily business areas are way beyond this…

Soccer Tryouts

Ambition often leads to success. For ambitious athletes, we have the perfect set up so that they can follow the dream of becoming professional players. We believe that giving opportunities in Europe for players to show their skills is putting them one step closer to signing a professional contract that might change their lives. If you think you have what it takes, don’t waste more time and talk to us!


Teams, federations, even groups of friends… Anyone can enjoy the opportunity of traveling to Europe and visit some of the most iconic sports monuments, museums, and natural attractions as well as cheering up on the stadium for the best teams in the world. In these tours, one of the most exciting business areas we act in, you can also fit some playing time in between all the touristic hotspots.

Scouting Events

One of the business areas that give us more pleasure to do is precisely scouting events. In them, we utilize a unique approach that increases the visibility of the players and guarantees that they are only focused on showing off their skills to scouts from the best European clubs. The goal is to have the maximum amount of athletes being placed in good teams that will give them a chance of signing a professional contract.

Pre-seasons and Tournaments

Being SunVoyage Sports a Portuguese company, we are naturally inclined to love good weather. But why should such privilege be only ours and not shared with any team, from U8s to As? If you would like to prepare your season in Portugal or participate in tournaments in Europe, just let us know.

Team Merchandise

A good team needs to present itself in the best possible way. We maintain very good relationships with some of the best sports brands in the world, including Adidas, Hummel, Joma, among others… By being able to talk with brands from all the price levels, we guarantee that we can supply you with the best option for your budget.

Soccer Consulting

With a combined experience in sports and management, SunVoyage Sports is in a good position to advise you and your partners on the best practices of the football world, in a way that you can grow not only your sports accomplishments but also your revenues, your fanbase and above all, the sustainability of your club.


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