Alberto Bastos Lopes

From now on, SunVoyage Sports is privileged to have become a partner of Mr. Alberto Bastos Lopes.

His name does not require any presentation but for those that are not entirely familiar with this name, let us tell you more about him.

Mr. Bastos Lopes started his footballing career in the youth teams of Sport Lisboa e Benfica back in the 1973/74 season. With a season loan to Estoril Praia in between, he would only leave Benfica at the end of the 83/84 season, after having won 3 Portuguese Championships, 2 Portuguese Cups and 1 “Cândido de Oliveira” Supercup.

Mr. Alberto Bastos Lopes playing for Sport Lisboa e Benfica.
Source: Mr. Alberto Bastos Lopes personal Facebook profile.

After the most successful period of his career, he moved on to Belenenses, where he played 21 games.

The final four seasons of his career would see him move to the north of Portugal, where he represented FC Penafiel, SC Braga and AD Fafe.

After retiring Mr. Bastos Lopes never gave up on football. With an already vast career as a coach, he has represented clubs like Vilafranquense, 1º de Dezembro, Atlético da Malveira, among others…

Now, Mr. Bastos Lopes has partnered with us to give players from all around the world new opportunities to pursue their dreams of becoming football players.

With his incredible experience and network in the world of football, we are very confident that we will be able to open magnificent windows in the international football scene.

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