What we do, we do with passion.

SunVoyage Sports’ co-founders have a combined experience of several years in both business and sports worlds. This company starts then from a passion for sports and a sense of responsibility to make the sports industry a more transparent and serious one.

It is our duty to make sure none of the players that come in our trial packages have wrong expectations. We do not promise professional contracts and certainly, we do not promise a career in sports. What we do promise is that they will be given a chance to prove their worth and that there will be someone capable and reputable watching them.

However, we also see as our duty to make everything we can to make our partnerships with federations, clubs and academies produce results that not only make them grow and attain their goals but also make Portugal be seen as one of the most respectable and advanced countries in the sports industry.

For this, we at SunVoyage Sports count on all of you: athletes, coaches, scouts, medical and managerial staff, referees, presidents, directors and everyone else involved in the day-to-day of clubs, academies or even federations.

Let’s make this work, and let’s make it well.


Bruno Pinto
Sports Operations


João Francisco
Business Operations