To a new beginning…

a new beginning


Individual trials for men and women in professional or semi-professional clubs.

Wherever you are in the world now, we have a place for you to show your full potential. Integrated into professional or semi-professional teams, you will have a real opportunity to pursue your dream.


Scouting events all over the world

We organize scouting events anywhere in the world, with innovative and trustworthy methods. Such events allow our guest scouts from the best European teams to spot talent and offer athletes the possibility of trialing for their teams.


Tours in Level-5 stadiums.

Whether included in one of our packages or not, you will be able to visit some of the most iconic sights in sports history. From stadiums to museums and monuments, you are meant to be surprised.

Tournaments & Friendly Matches

Tournaments for all ages

Independently of the age or division, your team can participate in tournaments anywhere in the world. From U8 to U19, from Professional A-Teams to Veteran Exhibition teams, we help you get in the competition your team needs the most.


It is our pleasure to introduce to you some of our partners that help us deliver the best possible experience.


Don’t let the opportunity run away

Whether you are a player, a club, a federation or
a sports company, we will help you carry out your mission.